Task Force 6 - SG8: Big Data - HPC

  • Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The main goal of this Subgroup is to foster collaboration between the Big Data and HPC Community through the creation and maintenance of a working group linking both communities with the goal to develop common business and research opportunities. Since 2018, BDVA is a private Member of the High-Performance Computing PPP - EuroHPC and follows closely its activities, trying to emphasise the importance of AI for HPC and to make the link between the Big Data and HPC communities.

This Subgroup is also participating in the Transcontinuum Initiative (TCI), a horizontal collaboration between European associations and projects involved in IT technology, application and services provisioning for the Digital Continuum. The term Transcontinuum describes the defining characteristic of the infrastructure required for the convergence of data and compute capabilities in many leading edge industrial and scientific use scenarios.

Focus and activities

The Subgroup focuses on leading several research and innovation activities relevant for both EuroHPC JU and the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership, supporting the alignment in between both partnerships.

Maria Perez