Task Force 6 - Subgroup 3: Data Science and AI

  • Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

This Task Force Subgroup monitors and collects information about ongoing and emerging technical trends (approaches, tools, start-ups, etc) in the data analytics area as well as in the advanced visualisation and user experience area. This, to provide recommendations for future actions related to data analytics and for future actions related to advanced visualisation and user experience.

TF&.SG3 contributes to develop a comprehensive overview of status and trends in the technical priority area of data analytics and in the advanced visualisation and user experience, with associated recommendations for BDVA / DAIRO.

Focus and activities

Despite the growing importance of data and its wide availability as a key technical driver for Artificial Intelligence and data driven innovation, significant challenges still remain. Those, considering both the technical and legal/procedural level, and can be listed as follow:

  • the lack of trusted technical systems that enable security and privacy of the data
  • interoperability of the data and formats
  • interpretability of AI models (explainable AI)
  • bias in the data and others.

The goals of this Subgroup is to provide informaiton on such challenges and potential solutions while providing recommendation for future actions.

Lead - Open position