Task Force 6, Subgroup 4: Data Protection Technologies

  • Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The aim of this Task Force Subgroup is to monitor and collect information about ongoing and emerging technical trends (approaches, tools, etc) in the data protection and pseudonymisation mechanisms area. The goal is to provide recommendations for future actions related to data protection.TF6.SG4 is expected to develop a comprehensive overview of status and trends in the data protection and pseudonymisation technnical priority area, with associated recommendations/advise for BDVA / DAIRO.

Focus and activities

Starting from the growing awareness of the importance of data protection, resulting in increasing interest in privacy-preserving technologies and other technical and non-technical measures to ensure the protection of data, this TF Subgroup focuses on the important influence of data protecion on many other aspects of data processing, including utility, performance, and quality. This process is further intensified by the upsurge of AI, requiring the processing of ever larger amounts of data, and offering new attack possibilities on data privacy.

Subgroup Lead
Zoltan Mann
University of Amsterdam