Task Force 2: Impact

  • Posted on: 28 September 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The TF2.Impact is in charge of updating and validating the KPIs of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), establishing appropriate base line as well as relevant internal (members) and external data sources for BDVA Monitoring and KPI Reporting.

This TF created the BDV PPP KPI Reporting Document based on input from the Commission, regulations and partnership specific needs. The final set of KPIs has been agreed at Partnership level (i.e with European Commission, other partnership members, Joint Undertaking, etc). Finally the TF defines data to be delivered by partners and processes (data collection etc.) for regular reporting, such as the BDV PPP Monitoring Report, EuroHPC JU annual report and the BDVA yearly reports.

This Task Force also supports the proper monitoring of the KPIs by:

  • Ensuring that a baseline is established for all KPI
  • Getting clarity on the data as wel as the data sources required
  • Defining the processes that are relevant for data collection. The processes might differ depending on the type of KPI and the data sources required.
Focus and activities

The mission of this Task Force is to consolidate, validate, further detail and maintain the various KPIs as well as their dependencies that are relevant for the association. TF2.Impact focuses on creating a sustainable monitoring structure, setting up sustainalbe monitoring structures, source access and tools. Current focus is the finalisation and publication of the BDV PPP 2019-20 final report, to prepare the reporting for the EuroHPC JU 2021.

Gabriella Cattaneo