Task Force 1 - Subgroup 4: i-Spaces

  • Posted on: 28 September 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The TF1.SG4 looks at the i-Spaces characterisation and labelling process. The overarching medium-long term objectives of this Task Force Subgroup focus on enlarging the group of recognized i-Spaces while fostering collaboration between them. At the basis of its work lies the positioning of i-Spaces concept. At the same time, the TF1.SG4 works on increasing the visibility of both the concept and the awarded i-Spaces.

This Subgroup works on an annual basis on its labeling process (questionnaire, open call, review, etc.), it publishes online the results and the physical booklet of i-Spaces. Moreover, it organises regular meetings and workshops to promote the i-Spaces, both the new ones as well as the ones already established in the previous years.

Focus and activities

TF1.SG4 i-Spaces focuses on bringing data innovation to small actors at local level, and provide them with tools and elements for experimentation. This, has been traditionally recognized as a big challenge by BDVA, and as such was included in the SRIA, as well as by the EC which identified the concept of DIHs. Hence, this Subgroup is crucial to emphasize the data perspective in this field (innovation, experimentation and deployment) to encourage organizations around data innovation to follow this path, and to foster collaboration between the i-Spaces.

Subgroup Lead
Daniel Alonso Roman