• Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The Task Force Skills aims to provide a framework for skill recognition in the Big Data ecosystem in Europe. It should serve as a Hub to find offering of courses with information properly accessible and categorised. Moreover, this TF aims at establishing links between academy and SMEs to help on the one side retraining and on the other to train students on practical problems. Finally, it establishes links of companies and academies to help adapt the offer to the demand of skilled labour in Europe.

Focus and activities

The Task Force Skills focuses on the growing pervasiveness of data in business and society that has made a central need for data scientists to help organizations extract knowledge from their data. Filling this skills gap in Europe is a challenging task that has many facets, such as:

  • Educators (from academy to any organization offering courses) need to know the needs and fills the gaps for different levels of expertise (professional/theoretical, formal/non-formal);
  • Employers needs to hire/retrain personnel with the proper skills, depending on the kind of organization (SME/large industry) different approaches are possible;
  • Employees and students need to get their skills recognized.
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