Data Sharing Spaces

  • Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

Trusted data sharing is essential to realise the practical potential of sectorial European data spaces. The BDVA community rallies around this topic to become a source of practical R&D&I actions to guide the wider EU ecosystem and policy makers in its realisation. Current development of European Data Spaces is vivid and plans for Horizon Europe are emerging in areas such as European Health Data Space, Agriculture and Manufacturing. There will be many of these sectorial data spaces and not only those mentioned in the European Data Strategy, which gives an account of only a few domains. Cross-sectorial data spaces will emerge as well, mounting to new opportunities for AI and digital services.

Focus and activities

The Task Force Data Sharing Spaces concentrates on securing data sharing in order to realise the practical potential of sectorial European data spaces, which are a pillar of the Digital Europe Strategy.

This Task Force further focuses on:

• Engage with all other relevant Task Forces and working groups;

• Engage the broad BDVA data sharing stakeholder community (producers, intermediaries and consumers along data value chains) to identify opportunities, challenges, and possible solutions for facilitating cross-sectoral data sharing and exchange practices;

• Support the EC with mobilising initiatives seeking to realise an adequate European data sharing space for all kinds of stakeholders;

• Liase with key initiatives such as Gaia-X, IDSA, InnoPay, MyData, and other success stories in data sharing spaces or marketplaces;

• Engage this broader community by producing white papers with an overview of the state-of-the-art (initiatives, projects and solutions), and a vision for how a safe, fair and ethical data sharing space can be achieved at EU-level.

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