BDVA Data Sharing Practices Survey: Share your experiences!

Has your organisation participated in any kind of data exchange or sharing activities with strategic partners? Regardless of whether you represent a business, research institution, governmental or non-governmental organisation your input is very valuable! 

Participate in the 12-minute BDVA Data Sharing Experiences Survey here

This survey has been created by the BDVA TF1.SG7 in collaboration with other Task Forces and the EC and seeks to understand the predominance of data sharing and exchange activities, the value that such practices bring to organisations, the difficulties faced by stakeholders and to gather insights into what needs to be done to increase participation in data sharing, in view of the ever increasing need of greater access to data. 

The results, which will also be included in the second version of the position paper titled "Towards a European Data Sharing Space", will help the BDVA identify how it can best support the convergence of existing efforts into realising a safe and cross-sectoral 'made in Europe' international data sharing space.