Collecting, analysing and leveraging insights from data can play an instrumental role in the human battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Access to data, high quality data, fast data exchange and interoperability are becoming more important than ever before. AI, Data Analytics, and Data Science, in joint efforts together with many other disciplines, help find answers to key challenges, providing fast tracks to understanding the issues and finding paths towards solutions.

AI, Data Analytics, and Data Science are empowering evidence-based human decision making.

The European and world-wide Data and AI communities are mobilising resources to support this global crisis. We see many valuable initiatives popping-up as a result.

BDVA and its members are contributing to this common cause in many different ways: Developing or adapting solutions to market to support covid-19 pandemic, developing new projects, advancing research and/or bringing existing knowledge to generate value.

Through this page we intend to give access to different resources (products, webinars, projects, initiatives) mobilised in this context. Many are provided by BDVA members and many by other organisations working in the Data and/or AI topic. We update this page regularly. Please, send us comments or input to bdva-covid19 (at)

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