What we do and why join us

Our main objective is to promote research, innovation, and development in AI and Big Data at the European level. Discover how we achieve this and what we offer for members.


BDVA unites the voices of over 240 members all over Europe working in data and AI, representing large, small and medium-sized industries, as well as research and user organisations.


We help advance and promote big data technologies and services, data platforms and data spaces, industrial Al, data-driven value creation, standardisation and skills.

Task forces

Through BDVA’s Task Forces, our members actively contribute to the European data and AI R&l agenda and develop guidelines and strategic roadmaps for industry and policymakers.


BDVA’s events lay the groundwork for building long-term collaborations and co-create projects. Through BDVA’s community, members gain higher visibility on the European level.


We produce and promote valuable papers and reports and we gather data-driven innovation hubs with the “BDVA i-Space” label, to provide the latest knowledge, skills, data assets, and software.


To fulfil its mission, BDVA drives and contributes to several partnerships and alliances as a partner or member of some of the most relevant AI R&I organisations in Europe.


Etami stands for Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial and Machine Intelligence. Etami supports and promotes trustworthy and ethical design, development and deployment of AI systems.



The EU-funded EUHubs4Data project is building a European federation of Data Innovation Hubs based on existing key players and connecting with relevant agents within the field.



Data, Data Spaces, value creation from data and the use of methods such as AI will change many, if not all, sectors of the economy in a very short time. Existing processes will be improved, new business will emerge and regulatory, and technological frameworks are in the work and should be based on European values and technologies. But no one can achieve this change alone- no company, no research institute, no country, no region. Collaboration is the key!

BDVA is the platform for experts from research, industry, associations and governments to come together, discuss and shape this change, what is needed, what impact can be created and what can be achieved together.

Thomas Hahn

Thomas Hahn – BDVA President | Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG

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