Task Force 2: Impact

Consolidate, validate, further detail and maintain the various KPIs as well as their dependencies that are relevant for the association. Primarily these are the KPIs listed in

  • Article 7 of the Contractual Agreement of the cPPP
  • The SRIA and its updates
  • The individual work programmes of the cPPP

The KPIs and their ongoing development will be synchronized with the EU Big Data Value Unit.
Support the proper monitoring of the KPIs by:

  • Ensuring that a baseline is established for all KPI
  • Getting clarity on the data as wel as the data sources required
  • Defining the processes that are relevant for data collection. The processes might differ depending on the type of KPI and the data sources required


TF Lead: Ana Garcia Robles (BDVA) (acting) Contact: secretarygeneral@core.bdva.eu


Annual Monitoring Reports for the BDV cPPP