Upcoming BDVA Activity Group meeting in May 2019

The next BDVA Activity Group AG32 meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 16th May 2019 in Brussels. All BDVA members are invited to join us and take part in our discussions. 

Last Activity Group meeting, held on February 27th, welcomed 80 participants from our members, representatives from the BDV PPP projects and European Commission officilas, and it was a great success. Valuable input was gathered during the meeting in relation to the topics such the development of an Strategic Reseach and Innovation agenda (SRIA) for AI industrial adoptions, Data Platforms/Spaces and data protection/privacy. We strive to build on the success of the previous meeting and bring you the most relevant topics in the agenda of the Activity Group meeting in May. 

The agenda will be publishsed shortly in the BDVA intranet here.

Join us at Activity Group meeting on 16th May in Brussels!