2019 Rolling plan for ICT standardisation released

The European Commission released has released the 2019 Rolling plan on ICT Standardisation, which identifies ICT standardisation activities in support of EU policies.

The 2019 Rolling plan for ICT standardisation takes a unique look at standardisation activities in the field of ICT (information and communication technologies) by linking them to EU legislation and policies. In the 2019 edition, 4 new chapters were added. 'Artificial intelligence' and 'European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS)' have been added to the 'Key enablers and security' chapter, and 'Water management Digitisation' and 'Single European sky' have been added to the 'Sustainable growth' chapter.

Every year the rolling plan is updated and extended to reflect new EU policies and new technologies. In the 2019 edition, 4 new chapters were added. 'Artificial intelligence' and 'European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS)' have been added to the 'Key enablers and security' chapter, and 'Water management digitisation' and 'Single European sky' have been added to the 'Sustainable growth' chapter.

2019 Rolling plan for ICT standardisation https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/34521

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/content/2019-rolling-plan-ict-standardisatio...