BDVA and ETP4HPC sign a MoU at ICT 2018

At the ICT conference in Vienna on 6 December 2018,  the Big Data Value Association and the European Technology Platform for High Performace Computing (ETP4HPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

This MoU expresses the intention of ETP4HPC and BDVA to strengthen collaboration in the areas of Technology roadmap interaction, development of HPC usage for extreme data exploitation, and the democratisation of HPC for data intensive applications. ETP4HPC and BDVA are interested in helping the ETP4HPC Partners and BDVA members to realise the benefits expected from the BDV PPP, HPC cPPP, and now EuroHPC JU programmes and to more efficiently exploit its results.

The scope of this collaboration includes:

  • Shaping the European Agenda – joining forces and resources in develop strategic roadmaps, positions papers, pilots and other joint activities in order to ensure a seamless integration of HPC and Big Data Value / Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Innovation ecosystem creation and development – combining ETP4HPC and BDVA assets towards establishing and growing an EU-wide ecosystem of Big Data Value, Artificial Intelligence, and HPC researchers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Common organisation of events.

The European associations for Big Data Value ( and HPC ( have recently published a joint paper, discussing current strengths and differences between the (software and hardware) stacks of BDC and HPC, and how the current strengths of one stack may address a shortcoming/need in the other stack. Access the full paper here

Both ETP4HPC and BDVA private members of the recently launched EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.


About BDVA:

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is an industry-driven international not–for-profit organisation with 200 members all over Europe and a well-balanced composition of large, small, and medium-sized industries as well as research and user organizations. BDVA is the private counterpart to the European Commission to implement the Big Data Value PPP program.  BDVA and the Big Data Value PPP pursue a common shared vision of positioning Europe as the world leader in the creation of Big Data Value.

The mission of the BDVA is to develop the Innovation Ecosystem that will enable the data-driven digital transformation in Europe delivering maximum economic and societal benefit, and, achieving and sustaining Europe’s leadership on Big Data Value creation and Artificial Intelligence.

BDVA enables existing regional multi-partner cooperation, to collaborate at European level through the provision of tools and know-how to support the co-creation, development and experimentation of pan-European data-driven applications and services, and know-how exchange.



ETP4HPC is the European Technology Platform (ETP) in the area of High-Performance Computing (HPC). It is an industry-led think-tank comprising of European HPC technology stakeholders: technology suppliers, research centres as well as Independent Software Vendors and HPC industrial and academic end-users (as of November 2018, ETP4HPC has 93 members, out of which 45 are companies from the private sector /34 are SMEs/).

The main task of ETP4HPC is to define research priorities and action plans in the area of HPC technology provision. Since 2013, we have been issuing and updating our Strategic Research Agenda as a multi-annual European HPC technology roadmap and a mechanism to help the European Commission define the contents of the HPC calls for projects in the successive Horizon 2020 Work Programmes. At the end of 2013, ETP4HPC signed the HPC contractual Public Private Partnership with the European Commission. ETP4HPC is the private side partner of this cPPP, contributing to H2020 HPC programme development and steering, in particular synchronising the efforts in the areas of technologies and applications (the Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications joined the cPPP Partnership Board in 2015). More at