BDVA Activity Group meeting (AG31) February 27

BDVA organises its 31st Activity Group meeting with members on February 27th in Brussels. BDVA members, BDV PPP projects and European Commission representatives will join forces to progress on important aspects such as European positioning on Big Data and AI Global Standards, Implementation of Big Data PPP technical priorities, Next Generation data platforms/Data spaces, AI and other relevant topics.

BDVA organized the first workshop Software Architecture Challenges in Big Data (25/09/18)

The Big Data Value Association, with the support of the BDVe project, has organized the first workshop on “Software Architecture Challenges in Big Data”, as part of the European Conference of Software Architecture, held on 24-28 September 2018 at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. The objective of this workshop was to explore the challenges that Big Data and other related technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, HPC and Artificial Intelligence pose to current and future software architectures.


BDVA and ETP4HPC sign a MoU at ICT 2018

 At the ICT conference in Vienna on 6 December 2018,  the Big Data Value Association and the European Technology Platform for High Performace Computing (ETP4HPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This MoU expresses the intention of ETP4HPC and BDVA to strengthen collaboration in the areas of Technology roadmap interaction, development of HPC usage for extreme data exploitation, and the democratisation of HPC for data intensive applications. 

ETP4HPC and BDVA are interested in helping the ETP4HPC Partners and BDVA members to realise the benefits expected from the BDV PPP, HPC cPPP, and now EuroHPC JU programmes and to more efficiently exploit its results.