Task Force Overview

Below is an overview of the current BDVA Task Forces. Regular activity group meetings take place approximately every six weeks.

  • TF1: Programme: Contributing to the H2020 Programme content of the BDV PPP
  • TF2: Impact: Maintain the various KPIs defining the expected Impact of BDV PPP
  • TF3: Community: Big data community engagement and participation
  • TF4: Communication: Communication plan for creating awareness around the BDVA activities
  • TF5: Policy and Societal: Bridge Big Data technology with legal, societal and policy matters
  • TF6: Technical: Identifying and refining the technical challenges of the programme – eg Data Management
  • TF7: Application: Domain usage group which can influence other task forces – eg Telecoms
  • TF8: Business: Examining the business and economic influences and business areas such as Web Entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • TF9: Skills and Education: What skills are needed for the next general of knowledge workers