Task Force 9: Societal

The objective of this TF is to create a common understanding between “technology / developers / business” and “society / users” on the possibilities, challenges and limitations of Big Data Value-driven innovations. One way to do this is to identify more clearly what barriers and motivators exist for adopting data-driven innovations, and to formulate recommendations (both practical, in terms of do´s and don´ts; and also more formal, eg., in terms of recommended “Code of Conduct”.)

The ´societal´ field in relation to Big Data has three levels of analysis: micro (individuals), meso (organizations), macro (society). Each level has its own specific challenges, although strong interrelations exist (such as a user of a specific Data-Driven Innovation may be looked at as being a citizen, an employee, or a consumer). Due to limited time and resources, choices have to be made as to which topics need to be addressed first and if an when additional aspects might be relevant. Interactions are at least foreseen with TF8: Business, TF2: KPI Monitoring and TF5: Policy & Legal, but because of the overarching goals of TF9, all other taskforces will be approached.


TF Lead: Freek Bomhof (TNO)
Contact: freek.bomhof@tno.nl


TF Outputs will be reported here as they materialise.