Task Force 8: Business

Big Data Technologies are transforming business at every level of organization, and are also enabling innovative new products and services on B2C and B2B.
New models like data-as-a-service, analytics-as-a-service or data aggregation&analysis are embraced by an increasing number of new innovative startups. On the other hand traditional business are re-thinking their use of Big Data Technologies for a diversification of their products and services (e.g. banks are selling aggregated credit card transaction data). In this activity we will focus on describing the state-of-the-art of data-based business models, and also on the challenges and oppportunites derived from them, in terms of competitiveness and innovation, which may lead to evaluating new policies to stimulate data economy.


TF Lead: David Sanz Martinez (Everis)
Contact: david.sanz.martinez@everis.com


TF Outputs will be reported here as they materialise.