Task Force 10: Skills and Education

This activity will develop the education activities related to Big Data in order to train future data scientists, after analyzing the skillls companies are seeking by aligning with existing efforts such us EDSA and EIT-Digital amongst others.
The use of analytics and big data in education will be the focus of this activity that will also analyze the skills required in the next years in order to exploit the big data technology in innovative projects as well as to develop the next generation of technology for big data.
Activities within the education and skills plan will include study of the current curricula, analysis and definition of missing skills, development of new curricula and courses and definition of expected learning outcomes to assure the skills are obtained.


TF Lead: Ernestina Mensalvas (UPM)
Contact: ernestina.menasalvas@upm.es


TF Outputs will be reported here as they materialise.