Task Force 1: Programme

This activity will define the technical content of the BDV PPP. Its main responsibility will be the periodic revision of the BDV Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda identifying the state-of-the-art from a technology point of view and identifying gaps that are of strategic importance to EU organisations. The SRIA will feed the proposal for the Big Data Value Plan (TF0.SG2), which will contain not only the identification of R+D+I topics but also the way they should be covered by the PPP topics within H2020, including implementation instruments, timing, expected impact and potential budget distribution. The programme will also define possible interactions between the projects, if applicable. TF1 will tackle content activities that contribute to the overall definition of the PPP objectives and the related programme, which could be permanent or not. This entails aspects not necessaily linked to research, but also related to business, legal and regulatory frameworks, standards, etc.


TF Lead: Edward Curry (Insight Centre)
Contact: edward.curry@insight-centre.org


TF Outputs will be reported here as they materialise.