PPP projects

The first Horizon 2020 projects implementing the Big Data Value PPP have started in late 2016 and January 2017. Find the whole list of projects in the links below:

  • Call ICT-14-2016-2017 - Big Data PPP: cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation (8 projects)
  • Call ICT-15-2016-2017 - Big Data PPP: Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation- (2 projects)
  • Call ICT-17-2016-2017 - Big data PPP: Support, industrial skills, benchmarking and evaluation (1 project)
  • Call ICT-18-2016 - Big data PPP: privacy-preserving big data technologies (4 projects)
  • Call ICT-35-2016 - Enabling responsible ICT-related research and innovation (1 project: K-PLEX)